Best Whitening Toothpaste Reviews and Guide

Best Whitening Toothpaste ReviewsWhite teeth are a sign of health and good self-care. They are essential for a lovely smile. Most important part is healthy teeth help you avoid health complications. It improves your image. Best whitening toothpaste can make you look smarter and more attractive. White teeth make you feel better about how you look. When you have shining white teeth, it helps to make you feel more self-confident. If your teeth aren’t as white as you’d like them to be, check the following list of best teeth whitening toothpastes for whitening. However, finding good whitening toothpaste can be tough, so we’ve put together these resources, all-inclusive guide and reviews to help you find the best for you.

The smile of a person is the most attractive expression in a human body. People take good care of their teeth to flaunt shiny, white pearly teeth to the people around them. This comes with a great price. One needs to take extreme care of their delicate white teeth that completely transform the personality trait of a person. They need to prohibit to get damaged from intrusive grinding or consumption by reducing or no consumption of the hard liquids namely soda, tea or coffee. The market has the arrivals of whitening toothpastes to prevent them from turning yellow or stained.

Top 10 Whitening Toothpastes and Other Products

Crest 3D White Vivid AnticavityCrest 3D White
Vivid Anticavity
Check It Out
Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening ToothpasteSensodyne Pronamel
Whitening Toothpaste
Check It Out
Colgate Optic White ToothpasteColgate Optic
White Toothpaste
Check It Out
Squigle Tooth Builder Sensitive ToothpasteSquigle Tooth Builder
Sensitive Toothpaste
Check It Out
Crest 3d White GlamorousCrest 3d White
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Crest 3D White WhitestripsCrest 3D White
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Teeth Whitening Kits and Bleaching KitTeeth Whitening Kits
and Bleaching Kit
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Dr. Katz TheraBreath Oral RinseDr. Katz TheraBreath
Oral Rinse
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Rembrandt Deeply White Whitening MouthwashRembrandt Deeply White
Whitening Mouthwash
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ACT Restoring Mouthwash, Cool Splash MintACT Restoring Mouthwash
Cool Splash Mint
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Why Best Whitening Toothpaste?

There are over hundreds of bacteria that live in our mouths. To protect your mouth and breathe from them you must use toothpaste. Toothpaste is one of those things that we use every day. But do we really know about the importance of toothpaste in our life? If you want to know the values of anything in your life imagine your life without that. Imagine yourself without brushing for a week. I think this could be one of the toughest things. Here are some important reasons for using toothpaste every day.

  1. Not only cleaning but protection: You can clean your teeth without toothpaste but only cleaning is not sufficient. Best thing is; toothpaste protects your teeth for next few hours from growth of bacteria. That’s why it is very important to use toothpaste or mouthwash.
  2. Fresh breath: Toothpaste helps to refresh your breath and leaves your mouth with clean and fresh feeling. If you don’t have good toothpaste there is high possibility that you can suffer from bad breath. Lots of people spend hundreds of dollars for bad breath treatment. I think instead of paying lots of money on treatment using good toothpaste is best solution.
  3. Cleaning and polish: Most of the good toothpaste has ingredients which help to clean and polish the teeth. Tooth whitening toothpaste is the best and easiest way to clean and polish your teeth.
  4. Plaque and cavity: Harmful bacteria that grow on your teeth cause tooth decays and cavities. Sometime this cavity could be the cause of tooth loss.  Toothpaste helps to remove plaque and harmful bacteria from your teeth.

Top 10 Best Whitening Toothpaste Reviews

Crest 3D White Vivid Anticavity Whitening Radiant Mint

whitening toothpasteCrest is one of the best manufacturers of teeth whitening products. This toothpaste is one of the best-selling whitening gel in the market. Best thing about this product is its fair price. This is one of my personal favorite among all whitening toothpastes.I picked up this Crest 3D white gel about month ago locally. Not only it is the best whitening paste I have ever tried, but I also like the tube itself. The paste itself is very fluid, thus it flows well and is easy to cover the brush with.

Crest Teeth Whitening Strips Reviews

Crest 3D White Whitestrips2

It is like the unbeatable legend in whitening strips. It is most widely used and most popular whitening strip in the market today. It gives you professional level teeth whitening at home. Now you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to dentist for whitening treatments. If you want instant whiteness then you should use this strip pack.With this pack you will get 20 upper strips and 20 lower strips. You can consider this as 20 whitening treatments. I think 20 whitening treatments in very little cost is possible only because of these best whitening strips.Strips, work both on surface stains as well as beneath the surface of the enamel. Going beyond where most whitening toothpastes leave off, White-strips whiten beneath the enamel surface for an overall whiter smile. You’ll see noticeable results with these Crest 3d white-strips.

Rembrandt Gentle Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

top whitening toothbrushThis is well known for its quality and effectiveness. The active ingredient is peroxide mint which whitens the teeth, gently removes stains from the enamel and gum line, prevents tartar and plaque build-up and freshen the breath.

This toothpaste is recommended by lots of dentists, doctors and pharmacists. You can imagine its performance from these countless positive reviews from customers. Only thing which I honestly want to share with all of you is its price. Price of this toothpaste is little high. But it is really value for money. If you are lucky enough to spend some more money on toothpaste then you should buy this. If you are a canker sore sufferer, you won’t be disappointed! Instead of spending money on lots of whitening treatments you should use this once.

Colgate Optic Best Whitening Toothpaste

colgate optic whiteColgate is known as one of the most used and popular toothpaste brand in the world. Since last two centuries it has been proving its hygienic efficiency to the customers. It is mainly focused on oral hygiene products, like toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouthwashes etc. Colgate is a brand of trust and based on its reviews it’s highly recommended as No.1 brand of the world. Colgate optic white toothpaste is one of its awesome series of products. This product provides a daily anti cavity fluoride protection.

The Colgate Optic white toothpaste promises you a 99.9% of surface stain removal and whitens the teeth surface. This toothpaste consists of hydrogen peroxide, which helps in whitening the teeth surfaces. This toothpaste will leave you with ultra-freshness with its cool fresh mint flavor. The daily two times usage of the toothpaste can provide you proper white and shinning teeth in a week. The package consists of total six items, of 6.3 ounce each in quantity which becomes a total of 37.8 ounces.

With a regular use of Colgate optic toothpaste, you can unleash the power of the smile with shinier teeth. The toothpaste is enamel safe and the presence of anti-cavity fluorides prevents teeth from cavities and other external entities. If you are aiming to get flawless and bright smile, don’t forget to buy Colgate Optic white toothpaste, which will maintain your teeth health and ensures the whitening and germ free protection leaving a fresh mint breath.

It is one of the best teeth whitening toothpastes that help in both good oral health and teeth whitening. It contains Baking soda and peroxide which are safe, active ingredients for whitening the teeth.  The fluoride ingredient is to keep your teeth healthy by penetrating the surface of the teeth to protect from cavities. This toothpaste leaves the entire mouth feeling clean and fresh.

Opalescence Toothpaste

Opalescence best toothpasteOpalescence Whitening Toothpaste is a product of opalescence. The product consists of whitening toothpaste with a unique formula which allows and efficient way of teeth whitening. The toothpaste is manufactured with a formulation which can release quick fluoride as soon as it’s applied. Generally toothpaste is configured focusing on the cleansing of mouth and teeth, but this wonderful Opalescence toothpaste is chemically designed to achieve the whitening of the teeth within no time after the application of the paste. The cost of the product is quiet affordable and it comes under the cheap pastes which do their jobs pretty well.

As far as the chemicals are concerned, it does consist of highest enamel fluoride uptake to reduce cavities providing maximum dentin restoration protection. The packet consists of a full quantity of 4.7 ounces. To attain the flawless whitening and shining teeth, we need to use it regularly which is daily two times for complete two weeks. Noticeable changes can be seen only after a regular usage. The toothpaste comes with a cool mint flavored fresh essence to keep your mouth fresh and free from cavities.

The opalescence ensures the prevention from external cavities and bacteria. It prevents the teeth from any cavity or germ attacks. Dentist advice to the people is to at least use the toothpaste two times a day, once in the morning and once before night to prevent any dental infections, cavities or diseases. So use the toothpaste as per your convenience and also as per your dentist’s suggestions.

It has a unique formula maximizing fluoride uptake into the enamel while removing surface stains at the lower abrasive levels. It contains high quantity of fluoride, and 5.0% potassium nitrate for minimizing sensitivity, 0.25% hydrogen peroxide, and 0.25% sodium fluoride for teeth whitening control.

Crest 3D White

Removes 80% of surface stains in only two weeks and contains patent enamel which is safe for teeth whitening.  It strengthens the enamel, contains 0.243% sodium fluoride, fights cavities and removes plaque.

Ido White

Whitens teeth in just a few minutes and is clinically tested and proven for use. The results achieved typically from its use are always above average. It is effective at removing tobacco stains, wine and other tough stains. It contains calcium fluoride for breaching the outer layer of the teeth, peppermint oil for fresh breath, and EDTA for removing toxins in the mouth.

White Glo Whitening Toothpaste

Among the best toothpastes with low abrasion which makes it safe for daily usage. It is formulated with micro polishing particles to remove discolorations, leaving a bright and white smile. It contains fluoride which protects against cavities, premium fluoride for maximum oral care, hygiene and teeth whitening. It is also suitable for electric tooth brush.

White Glo for Smoker teeth whitening Toothpaste

This is good product for removing tobacco stains and reducing smoker breath. It contains micro polishing particles for removing discoloration and yellowing caused by cigarettes, food and drinks with strong coloration. It comes with anti-stain tooth brush and dental floss tooth pick to clear all the unreachable plagues in the mouth. The premium fluoride enriched with diatomaceous earth is used to remove tobacco stains.

White Glo Coffee and Tea Whitening Toothpaste

This is great toothpaste for coffee lovers. It removes all the stains on the teeth caused by coffee, therefore giving you freedom to drink coffee without worrying about the stains. Contains an exclusive micro wax protection shielded formula which helps to repel stains, giving you whiter teeth and a shiner smile. It also comes with an anti-stain tooth brush and dental floss tooth pick for proper mouth cleaning.

Aqua Fresh White and Shine Toothpaste

This does not offer oral protection, but is great for those looking for brighter smiles. It cleans the mouth with micro buffing particles to give the teeth a clear brightness. Active ingredient includes 0.15% sodium for deep cleaning and controlling whitening.

ACT Restoring Mouthwash, Cool Splash Mint

mouthwashI am including mouthwash along with whitening toothpaste and strips because every morning with mouthwash can boost your oral health. Proper use of mouthwash combined with high quality products such as Tooth and Gums Tonic can lower your risk of many common dental issues and increase the health of your teeth and gums for a lifetime. That’s why you should start using mouthwash. One more benefit of using these products is saving time. It requires less than a minute. So if you are very busy and don’t have enough time to concentrate on your teeth health then buy this mouthwash. I think it is budget product when you look at the benefits of this mouthwash. It helps to kill bad breath germs. So if you have bad breath problems then you must have to buy this.  Some dentists always recommend ACT because it has fluoride in it. Hope you too like this great mouthwash!

Teeth Whitening Kits and Bleaching Kit

whiteningThis product works very well and is probably the best deal you’re going to find on professional teeth whitening trays with gel. Now you don’t have to go to a dentist to get custom bleaching trays. These trays will last you years and are the same trays that 95% of cosmetic dentist use.This tray can also be used for TMJ or Night Grinding as well as teeth whitening. This is really one of the best teeth bleaching kit in the market.

Any one of the teeth whitening toothpaste products listed here is a great money saving choice to brush your way to a whiter and brighter smile. Results may not happen immediately, but after continued daily use, results should be noticeable with less yellow and stained teeth. For extreme discoloration, seek a dental professional for advice and additional treatment.


  1. The toothpaste helps in removing stains from teeth and maintains its whitening over a long period of time with different chemicals and polishing agents.
  2. The use of whitening toothpaste is much inexpensive as compared to the treatment done at the dentists’.
  3. The home – made remedies and tooth whitening paste helps in gaining a whiter tone at a short period of time.
  4. One needs to avoid consumption of acidic and staining beverages like tea, coffee, soda, alcohol and sauces to preserve the lighter shade of teeth.


  1. It is said that whitening toothpaste does not contain any ingredient that lead to whitening.
  2. It is suggested to use bleach or baking soda to balance and improve their shade.
  3. The dental teeth whitening may go bad if proper hygiene and control over staining food is not considered.
  4. The dental sessions are regular and have to be adjusted according to the time appointment with that of school, college or offices.

It is really important to take care of the oral health and hygiene as wrong style of brushing and eating habits may lead to destruct the mold you flaunt with pride.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

It is very common to adapt the habits of consuming alcohol, acidic fluids and food that destroy the natural glow of your teeth. These are comprised of high fluoride content which may lead to adverse the situation of your teeth. Over consumption of tobacco products also destroy the teeth. Tobacco products like cigarettes, pipe and dip which contains high amount of toxic tar. This leads to adverse effects on human health. Some people and kids have a habit of grinding teeth which may lead to deposit dark spots in the enamel and making it look bad while smiling. These are some reasons that people having yellow teeth tend to laugh or smile less often. Yellow or stained teeth are said to be personality disorders and makes one bit low confident.

How To Maintain White Teeth with Whitening Toothpaste

There are many ways to preserve the natural whitening of the teeth through various measures like use of whitening toothpaste or get whitening sessions by a dentist or even home – made remedies can help you regain the white essence of the teeth. But everything has its own pros and cons to tackle with. Some are there with this use of whitening toothpaste. Many vendors in the market get you this product with high dose of reactive content to decline the oral health.

Your busy life should not prevent you from enjoying the confidence that comes from white teeth. Best part is it is not much difficult to maintain them. You just need to remember some simple things and follow these easiest instructions. Keep these points in mind to help you maintain your newly white teeth.

  1. Cold Drinks: If you drink cola drinks, sip them through a straw to minimize the contact of the drink with your white teeth. Yes I am not saying that you should stop taking cold drinks. You should use straw to protect your teeth from it. So enjoy your drinks but with straw.
  2. Rinse Mouth: Rinse your mouth as soon as possible to minimize the risk of stains if you drink coffee, tea, red wine, or cola, or eat foods that are likely to stain your white teeth.
  3. Brush: I think this is most basic and best instruction which we learn in during our school life. Simple addition is brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste once or twice a week while using products to promote white teeth, and use standard toothpaste like Colgate for daily use.
  4. Floss: A complete oral care routine of twice-daily tooth brushing and daily flossing will help maintain white teeth, no matter what teeth-whitening product you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Teeth Whitening Products:

Does whitening your teeth hurt?

Its answer is depending on what type of tooth whitening products and methods you are using to whiten your teeth. If you are trying for fast whitening results with careless bleaching then it can badly hurt your teeth. I will always recommend you to take a dentist’s help when you want to whiten your teeth within a day or so. But if you are using some long term or natural methods like using whitening toothpaste or applying natural remedies on teeth then I don’t think it can hurt your teeth. There are thousands of ways to make your teeth white but you should know the proper way to use them. Nothing is full proof if you are doing it carelessly. So my straight answer is only you can hurt your teeth if you are not doing it carefully. It is also important to take care of teeth during pregnancy.

What does it mean when your teeth hurt?

When your teeth hurt first thing it means that you should concentrate on health of your teeth. Teeth can be hurt due to different reasons so take an appointment with your dentist and check what exactly the problem is. If it is not possible for you to visit the dentist then first thing you need to do is check for cavities. Cavities can cause you dental pain. If it is not a case then check this guide on infected tooth symptoms. If you found one of them is matching with your symptoms then you can take respective actions. So the straight answer is when your teeth hurt it means that your dental health is not good and you need to visit your dentist.

How much time does top whitening toothpaste take to whiten teeth?

It depends on the condition of your teeth and type of toothpaste you are using to whiten them. A good whitening toothpaste helps you to improve your dental health along with brighten your teeth. So don’t expect that these pastes can brighten your teeth within a day. It is also depends on how frequently you are using them. If you are using twice a day then results will come faster than using once a day. Sometimes toothpaste box has the result time given in instructions. So the short and direct answer is that if you are using twice a day then generally you can see results within few weeks.

Why is whitening toothpaste bad for braces?

Whitening toothpastes are not bad for braces. The only reason behind not using it with braces is that they whiten all your teeth but not the place where your braces have been. Do you really think this is a mistake of toothpaste? So instead of saying whitening toothpastes are bad for braces I will say that they cannot be applied effectively with braces. So my straight answer for this question is that whitening product like toothpaste is bad for braces because you cannot apply them on whole teeth with braces.

Hope this guide helped you to find best whitening toothpaste for your needs. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to tell me in comment section.